DaffiOne Wallet Information Sheet

DaffiOne Wallet Information Sheet

Daffi stands for Decentralized Autonomous Frictionless Finance, an amalgam of next-generation non-custodial (to DaffiOne) and self-sovereign account solutions.

DaffiOne services are designed for everyday use by the everyday person.

DaffiOne offers easy-to-use, highly interoperable solutions for cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, tokenized eMoney, as well as tokenized real-world assets. DaffiOne digital-first model brings the benefits of blockchain-based DLT to its users' everyday lives through low-cost convenient-to-use services.

The DaffiOne Wallet is the foundation for DaffiOne interoperability, payment services, and cross-border remittances.

Non-custodial and self-sovereign account services are currently very limited, even if they represent a larger market potential than the current dominant centralized custodial accounts model. Furthermore, A2A digital-first solutions offer immediate finality of settlements and considerable savings to their users.

Additionally, DaffiOne digital-first solutions offer:
  1. a low-cost payment solution that allows merchants and self-employed to compete with international groups;
  2. unbanked inclusion for basic financial services at low cost and interoperability with traditional banking systems.
DaffOne initial market focus is the travel industry, a sector where payment services are ripe for disruptive changes as they are characterized by:
  1. High costs to users for card payments in foreign currencies and foreign countries;
  2. High costs to users for withdrawal from ATMs in foreign countries;
  3. In many small and medium-sized countries, merchants are facing very high card settlement fees as well as difficulty in qualifying for a card terminal.

The DaffiOne Wallet allows users to receive, send, convert, and on/off ramp cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, tokenized eMoney, and tokenized assets. The DaffiWallet Pilot ran exclusively on the Algorand blockchain, The DaffiOne Wallet, the commercial version, adds multi-chain support for Algorand, Arbitrium, Binance, Fantom, Gnosis, Ethereum, and Polygon at launch, with additional chains to be added post-launch. 

DaffiOne Wallet allows 1-click cross-chain conversion without the need to ever leave the wallet. For example, if you have USDT on Polygon that you need to convert into ALGO on Algorand, it can all be achieved within the DaffiOne Wallet at a low cost in minutes and with a single click.

DaffiOne Wallet and the DaffiOne services can support the needs of a wide range of user needs: merchants services, on-boarding and off-boarding cryptocurrency, migrant worker payrolls, NFT transactions, unbanked inclusion, escrow settlements, and cross-border-to-counter remittance.

The digital payment market for 2023 is expected to surpass 100 billion USD, the DaffiOne Wallet functionalities make it a serious contender to achieve rapid market penetration through its digital-first model and its high interoperability.

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