Android Beta Version Functionalities

Android Beta Version Functionalities

For those participating in the DaffiOne Wallet pre-beta test, keep in mind that there are a few items that are not fully completed (it's a pre-beta release test version) and the pre-beta test is focused on the Algorand blockchain.

  1. Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Aptos accounts services are limited as all of them are based on more than one chain to provide their service, we integrated at this point each of their "base" chain but we still need to add the others;
  2. Binance account services are limited and the accounts supported by DaffiOne Wallet are the Binance BEP-20 smart contracts chain account. The Convert also only support BEP-20 tokens.
  3. Algorand opt-in is currently under the NFT section, we are adding a shortcut on the main screen in the account tile section but as most blockchain do not require opt-in, there are some issues with putting it on the front account page as it's an Algorand only function and we need to give it a purpose on the other chains. That's why we put it under NFT / Manage / Opt-in for now;
  4. NFT and token images/icons may not display correctly. We are currently using the DaffiWallet Pilot back end for those images but we are rewriting that service from scratch. As the DaffiWallet backend relies on outside services, some of those services have "gone out of business" as will PurseStake at end of month, it's not updating correctly anymore. We didn't bother to update as the only effect is images not displaying. The upcoming back end is way more efficient and fast as it will rely on SVG images cached on our own servers (DaffiWallet Pilot backend uses PNG cached on our servers);
  5. Convert tab at this time is just for Cross-Chains.   In the final version, there will be 2 types of convert available. One for "intra-chain", the other for "cross-chain". On Algorand for intra-chain, we will integrate Folks Finance services. Right now you need to go to their online dApp and connect your wallet using WalletConnect option;
  6. On dApps that do not show a WalletConnect option, you can use the Pera or Defly wallet connection. Be aware that in lot of cases, this will result in a connection through the Pera bridge which uses WalletConnect version 1. To best of our knowledge also using the Pera or Defly option to connect your wallet result in a WalletConnect version 1 bridged connection. As a result, there could be timeout and disconnect if no activities, issues and require frequent manual reconnection;
  7. DaffiOne Wallet supports WalletConnect v2 directly on Algorand and other chains, if there is a WalletConnect option on the dApps "connect your wallet menu", we suggest you use that option. On chains other than Algorand, your WalletConnect will be based on WalletConnect version 2. Version 1 has been retired from circulation by WalletConnect thus the need for the Pera bridge as they only supported version and they are the dominant wallet in the Algorand ecosystem. Very few Algorand dApps have moved or support WalletConnect v2 at this time as it would cut them off from Pera wallet users;
  8. Token quantity screen update services are being rebuilt as it uses the DaffiWallet Pilot backend push services. It was initially using AlgoExplorer node services, but they shut it down, so we moved it to PureStake, which is now also shutting down at end of January 2024. As a result of all this, the token quantity after a receive and the verification status are not performing as they should and won’t be untill we replace the backend as mentioned above. You may need to refresh the account balance screens by pulling down on the screen, which will force a refresh for certain operations (especially after a receive)
  9. On Algorand, DaffiOne Wallet supports rekeyed accounts but the function to rekey an account is not built in at this time. If you import a rekeyed account, when you do a first send or sign a transaction, a window will open asking you to enter your rekeyed account's secret words. This is only done once and the secret words are stored in a hive that's highly secured and encrypted just like the main account secret words. If you make a mistake entering the rekeyed secret words, it will simply ask you to re-enter them so they match the main account signing secret words.
Since we have not built the formal Help and FAQ yet, We have attached a short video that will help you with understanding the UI and how to access certain functions as we use swipe left & right throughout the app to save buttons. Once you are used to it, it's very efficient but as Algorand wallet don't make much use of swipes, may not be that obvious if you are not aware of it.

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